Baja Burrito
Address: 2109-108 Avent Ferry Road
Raleigh, NC 27606
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Short Business Description: ​Baja Burrito is a locally owned, independent restaurant in Raleigh, North Carolina. Located in the Mission Valley Shopping Center, we have been serving our signature California style food since 1995. Our philosophy is to do a few things, and do them well. At Baja, we cook everything that goes into our burritos. That’s why they taste so good compared to the chains out there.​
Monday – Saturday 11 AM to 9:30 PM
Sunday 11:30 AM to 9 PM
Stop by to try us out, and . . . When You Crave It, You’ll Understand!
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Ever had a craving for a huge, healthy burrito but don’t want to spend big bucks to fill your aching stomach? Well, you’ve found the right place! Here at Baja Burrito, we use quality ingredients and delicious original flavors to make a variety of California-style Mexican dishes. We serve burritos, tacos, nachos, quesadillas, and salads – all freshly made just the way you like them!

A BIG thanks to all of our “regular” customers – we do it for you!
Baja Burrito is a locally owned, independent restaurant in Raleigh, North Carolina. Located in the Mission Valley Shopping Center, we have been serving our signature California-style food since 1995. Our philosophy is to do a few things, and do them well. At Baja, we cook everything that goes into our burritos. That’s why they taste so good compared to the chains out there.
Stop by to try us out, and . . .
When You Crave It, You’ll Understand !

Business Website Address: http://www.bajaburrito.net
Business Phone Number: 919-834-3431
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Bosetti Art Tile
Address: 1201 W. Lenoir St. Raleigh, NC

Short Business Description: Create meaningful and beautiful spaces with custom tile and decorative home goods that bring the outdoors in. Whether you’re a bird watcher, a naturalist, or avid gardener, Bosetti Art Tile communicates your “joie de vivre” with cheerful imagery and design.
Long Business Description:

“Flora and fauna, the human form, and most of all, my clients inspire me. They can choose from images and color schemes from the website or give me a list of items they’d like included in their mural, telling me colors to include or exclude. Creating from a list of images I would never put together, in colors I wouldn’t naturally go to allows my creativity to open wide. I can be inclusive to not only the images desired but to the feelings they inspire.

I am influenced by the Art Nouveau movement. I love the idea of uniting organic and geometric forms into designs that flow and follow the spirit of Art Nouveau to bring beauty to every day. My tiles can be found in homes as wall murals, kitchen and bath backsplashes, countertops, sinks, tub and fireplace surrounds. Each hand-made, hand-glazed Bosetti Art Tile project is unique.

Using the ancient technique of cuerda seca – a cloisonné-inspired method that mimics the look of mosaic – each tile’s intensely rich ceramic glaze looks so soft it begs to be touched.

Since graduating from Pratt Institute in 1982 with a BFA in sculpture, I have spent my life devoted to clay. Over the years there has been a progression from sculpting to pottery to art tile and back again. Throughout it all,  I have consistently worked to distill the sensual and spiritual aspects of life into accessible design, image, and easy-to-care-for, durable artwork.”

Business Website Address: https://www.bosettiarttile.com/
Business Phone Number: 919-414-8950
Capital Restoration
Address: 8417 Wapello Lane, Raleigh, NC
Short Business Description: Antique Furniture Repair, Furniture Repair and Decorative Arts Restoration.
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Capital Restoration was founded in 1997 by John Allen. John has extensive experience working with both Commercial and Residential clients doing Antique Restoration, Furniture Repair and Refinishing, Period Reproductions, Exotic Materials, Ethnographic & Archeological Artifacts and more. Proudly serving clients in Raleigh, NC and the greater Triangle area.

Business Website Address: http://capitalrestorationnc.com/
Business Phone Number: 919-539-2737
Carolina Wealth Partners
Address: 5540 Centerview Dr Raleigh, NC

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Short Business Description: Helping You Construct Your Financial Future
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Carolina Wealth Partners is an independent wealth advising firm committed to constructing clients’ financial futures through strategic investing, mindful savings, and tax efficiency. We are located in Raleigh, North Carolina and have been serving clients since 2001. As in the best of trusted, personal relationships—the type where finances are a part of the equation—our advisors become their clients’ strongest advocates. The fundamental belief that we must always act in our clients’ best interest, even if it’s not in our own, permeates all aspects of our business.

Business Website Address: https://carolinawealth.com/
Business Phone Number: 414-708-6747
Conduit for Change
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“Annelies brings you back to the human experience.”

Resilience begins here.

Business Website Address: https://conduitforchange.com/
Business Phone Number: 919-345-8396
Dazzle & Lace
Address: 4104 Ridgebluffs Court, Raleigh
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Short Business Description: Party supplies, gift packaging and Yard decorations!
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Think party and think Dazzle & Lace! We have a webstore that has the party supplies, decorations, favors you need to make your event a party. We also have gifts and gift packaging supplies to complete the package. Dazzle & Lace will create the finished product for you or you can do it yourself. Our other fun service is to flock a yard! Choose flamingos, dinosaurs, buzzards, flowers, hearts, cows, butterflies, storks and more. Place your order and we will decorate the yard of your choice. Great idea for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, showers, congratulations…

Business Website Address: http://www.dazzlelace.com
Business Phone Number: 919-662-0018
Drum For Change
Address: Raleigh, NC

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Short Business Description: Team Building, Education, and Wellness
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Communication, cooperation, and collaboration are key to any successful group endeavor.  Let’s explore those through experiential learning.   If you’re looking for bubble forms, competitions, lectures, performances, or powerpoint, this isn’t for you.  If you’re looking for unusual, immersive, and interactive experiences, D4C could be the creative consultant you need.

Drum for Change promotes Life in Rhythm and Harmony.   Our experiential learning programs leverage metaphoric teaching tools to demonstrate how to play nicely together, to remind people of the things that are truly important, and to promote the health and well-being of individuals and groups.  D4C leads facilitated interactive rhythm experiences to focus on values like inclusion, gratitude, positivity, acknowledgement, and holistic living.

Together we’re digging into applied philosophy;  bridging timeless wisdom traditions with modern society.  Rather than a merely cognitive understanding of these principles, we’ll take a hands-on approach for lasting impact.

This work has three key components that generate a balanced approach:

::: holistic:  integrating mind-body-spirit

::: focused:  on improving connection, culture, and wellness

::: multi-generational:  drawing on the past, present, and future

Business Website Address: https://www.drumforchange.com/
Business Phone Number: 919-696-0883
First in Families of North Carolina
Address: 3109 University Drive, Suite 100 Durham, NC

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Short Business Description: Supporting individuals and their families to meet self-defined opportunities of health throughout North Carolina since 1995.
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First In Families of North Carolina, FIFNC, helps people with disabilities and their families to believe in their dreams, achieve their goals and give back to others. FIFNC is a grassroots family support initiative founded by families looking for new ways to provide and receive support. FIFNC is a 501(c)3 nonprofit corporation, supported in part by funding from the North Carolina Division of Mental Health, Developmental Disabilities and Substance Abuse services (MH/DD/SAS), Department of Health and Human Services. FIFNC was incorporated in 2001 and obtained its 501(c)3 status in 2003.

Business Website Address: http://fifnc.org/index.html
Business Phone Number: 919-251-8368
FURbaby Pet Sitters
Address: 120 Saint Albans Drive #97
Raleigh, North Carolina
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FURbaby is a white glove pet sitting service company that is fully insured.  We are a woman owned business based in gorgeous Raleigh, NC. Our goal is to ensure the safety and comfort of your pet while the owner is away! We are accommodating for easy going to special needs pets and any special request from the owners. We understand the pet and the owner can experience anxiety while they are apart so we send pictures and videos of our time with the furbaby to the owner to help relieve this stress.

Business Website Address: https://www.furbabypetsitters.com/
Business Phone Number: 919-609-3928
Address: 14 W. Martin Street
Raleigh, NC
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Short Business Description: Garland is the passion project of chef and rock guitarist, Cheetie Kumar.
The seasonally driven menu is influenced by the flavors of India and Asia, with locally sourced ingredients reinvented with a distinctly Southern flare. It’s extensive menu of approachable creations features innovative and delicately prepared dishes that are truly unique. Garland continues to wow the culinary scene in Downtown Raleigh, North Carolina offering a casual dining experience in a comfortable yet funky space, with great food, delicious seasonal cocktails and an adventurous wine menu.
Long Business Description:

As a child in India, Cheetie could often be found in the kitchen with her mother and grandmother watching and learning as they prepared daily meals. Her family held strongly to their culinary heritage, thoughtfully passing on generations old technique and authentic preparation. At the age of 8 she arrived in the US and settled in the Bronx, NY. Immersed in a world of various ethnicities, Cheetie was exposed to new cultures, flavors and food. Daily lunches at friend’s houses opened her eyes to a blending of culinary ideas inspired by Korean, Chinese, Thai, Eastern European and South American dishes.

A graduate of the University of Massachusetts with a degree in psychology, her background is almost as diverse as her food. Cheetie is a self-taught cook who studied recipes while pursuing a career as a guitarist in The Cherry Valence and more recently Birds of Avalon, alongside her husband and business partner, Paul Siler. Time on tour and as the owner of the music venue Kings and adjoining cocktail bar, Neptunes Parlour, taught her the value of the independent, artistic spirit that is the backbone of the downtown Raleigh community which she considers home.

Business Website Address: http://www.garlandraleigh.com
Business Phone Number: 919-833-6886